August 18, 2023

You can change your life in one day.

Everything that happens in 3d comes from your energy, your vibration, the codes you carry in your system. The outer world is an expression of your inner realm.

In Diamond Laser we create deep and precise shifts in your energy and codes throughout the day. Each hour we go deeper into your consciousness, cutting through the veils of illusion and paradigm, unleashing your true power to create the life of your dreams.

This is a powerful activation that has not been done anywhere else. It’s an unhooking you feel immediately. Your sight will become sharper and your ability to read codes and frequencies in yourself and in your clients will upgrade and rise to a new level.


Diamond Laser, on August 18,

  9 am – 5 pm CET, with breaks throughout the day

2 options to take part – Platinum and Silver

The whole day’s sessions are recorded and as a participant you get unlimited access to the recordings in the Supreme Empires Portal.

See the experiences of previous Diamond Laser participants:

Diamond Laser Platinum

Alchemical transformation of your energy throughout the day.

Diamond Laser Platinum is for you if you are ready to go deep and look through the Shadow illusion in your consciousness, no matter how uncomfortable it may be – to see the truth about your nature, your power and your potential.

This is for you if you want to become a Master of the Codes and if your power and freedom to create your own life consciously is extremely important to you. Pure unhooking, with no cushioning.

The spots in Diamond Laser Platinum are limited.

Diamond Laser Platinum price is €5,000.

Diamond Laser Silver

Another way to participate in Diamond Laser is to observe the activation and shifts of Platinum participants.

As you watch me precisely turn the shadow of the participants into power, you will be activated and your ability to see the key for opening your new reality, will grow.

Diamond Laser Silver price is €800

If you are an active member of our Code Seer monthly membership, ask about your special price and code to open it.

Ask about the promo code or send your question here hostess@supremeempires.com

The experiences of Diamond Laser participants


I didn’t know that such changes could happen to me. It was like a MYSTICAL ROSE that gradually opened to a new frequency. I saw specifically the illusion I had been living in. I saw instantly how I passed through my veil…. being in a new reality. The deeper I dived, the greater bodily processes took place. My body spoke to me…I unlocked my inner GENIUS. I was amazed at how clearly and easily this information arrived. How the coincidences and situations happened….magical! Such an experience must be experienced by yourself. My physical body is still processing this mysticism. I surrender completely to my GENIUS! Thank you.”


At the end of March, I participated in Diamond Laser with a specific goal – to sell my Paris beauty salons profitably. At the end of May (two months later) I sold a company that I had wanted to sell for 4 years!

+ I amicably ended my long-term relationship of over 5 years. A wild sense of FREEDOM and a whole new energy.”


I am very grateful for this day! My body accepted the upcoming event already the day before, I felt buzzing in my hands and such a pleasant tension of excitement when I made the payment. After the event, the palms seemed shorter from the inside. My fingers felt like after 10 days of fasting. Body feels lighter….

…In the second half of the day, my body started to unhook itself. It happened at least 5 times in a row. Since I experience this process quite intensively, it meant that I got a good shake right away. During the day, I could feel the movement of energy in the whole body.

No one directly touched on my topic, but that didn’t matter at all. The overall shift was very powerful. I feel that I got an extra dose of all – both sensing and seeing clearly as well as simply overall vitality. I feel that I can easily bring all the moments of being at the crossroads to magical solutions. That’s what it feels like.”


I am sharing my experience, which was surprising to me, yet very calm. I had chosen a work topic for myself. I earn approx. 7,000 per month (net to hand), the ceiling is currently 12,000-14,000. The job is safe, it seemed secure, but there are no challenges for a long time and there is no development. I am in Finland as a doctor.

The topics resonated until the topic of Ere’s borders came up. Since I am also a psychotherapist, the topic was familiar and I just thought that I have done the same with the patients in this case with the boundaries of the aura. I still went along with it, and when I pulled my aura to the usual approx. 20 cm, the thought flashed through my head, why is it always like that.

The inner talk could not continue, because at that moment the light body collapsed, zero cm. For a moment there was a feeling of surprise, that how am I going to be now, bare to the skin (comparison to the birth of a child – through the placenta you can no longer get food or oxygen, yet I’m alive). At the same time, peace, everything started from the skin to roll and flow in, into spaciousness. Such a dark and yet light, empty and yet alive environment. Knowing that everything is here, all the necessary codes and patterns and ideas and implementations.”


For me got activated:

To raise the standard and I can do it constantly and in every micro-decision throughout the day. The result of this was that in the evening I received an offer for a training job, which was not really inspiring, did not meet my taste, and also financially it was at a lower price. It is possible that a month ago I would have accepted it (how can I say no when asked nicely and what they think of me and maybe then criticised and other such nonsense). But now I simply and neutrally said that it doesn’t suit me and I was actually euphoric.

I’m seeing the topic of my mother from a new perspective – I don’t need her approval for my spiritual development, I see her shadow talk more and more clearly. I have gained many experiences this week, I had a customer work day and a training day. I feel a big difference in the energy I do things in and how much more contributing my increasingly pure state is to the people I work with. I have become more precise and also bolder in asking, this is the effect of Eva’s codes – purity, precision and neutrality. In addition, I get new interesting offers and I’m really looking forward to see the triggering and trickery of my shadow.

Thanks again for Diamond Laser. Yesterday was an activation of the freedom 2.0 frequency in my body.
“My experience in Diamond Laser Silver started from the first minutes with emotions that I raised the standard and dared to go through fear to choose myself and move closer to higher awareness. Every topic in it really spoke to me. As the day progressed, my self-confidence also increased all the time. I took notes, and when I read them over today, I notice again how many codes landed. Every sentence that was written down is also worth its weight in gold today and makes my body tremble. There is some great message here, something great and wonderful is in it all together. I also noticed several different Shadows. Especially in the first channel, which I have been dealing with for a long time – self-esteem. Many beliefs from the collective shadow surfaced. I see where I have the potential to alchemise my shadow and old beliefs and unhook myself. And that it is my choice to be empowered and let go of control over life. I am grateful for every minute of this day! I am grateful to have chosen this journey.”