Submission to Wealth

Starts June 17

Submission Creates Wealth

It is not your actions that create wealth. It’s your submission to it.

Whatever actions you take, they always start from the state of your consciousness. If that is “off”, so you are not streaming the divine truth of being a Creator of wealth through you, then no matter how much money, assets or anything else you own, there will be no feeling of wealth inside you, and the outside will prove you that.

It is a paradox that when you change your state of being, wealth comes naturally to you. Being wealthy and feeling wealthy is then your first nature.

When you submit to the truth, you will activate your power to create. 

It is activating a quantum switch that makes it possible to observe a flow of abundance into being.

It is saying yes to the truth that already exists.

In divine consciousness your wealth already exist. You only need to submit to it, so it can fall into 3D, into your physical life.

This, is what you can do in MONEY DREAM. You can submit to the truth of being wealthy. And with that, observe it into being.


4-weeks energetic experience, where you will learn submission to wealth and to divine truth.

Weekly hot-seat group sessions (max 5 people) where I will work with your and other participants’ state of being personally, one by one and show you the way of submission in real life.

A private support group for all the questions you will have, only accessible for the participants of MONEY DREAM, where I will guide you in the process of submission.

Weekly hot-seat sessions take place on Wednesdays

at 3 pm CET in English.

This course is practical, not theoretical. Real-life steps to change your energetic state are included.

Starts on June 17!



For the members of Code Seer and Koodinägija Memberships there is a special price €1800. Ask for the promo code at email