Activate your genius codes

This program will take you to absolutely new way of building your business by literally turning on the true fire of your Genius and transform your whole life on the way.

After this you will never look back to the old way of doing business.


By taking fully part in the program you will:


  • You want to grow your business without burnout or loss in other areas of your life
  • You want to open your next level abilities and potential
  • You want to master your own reality
  • You want to have an impact in expanding human consciousness


This is for you ONLY if:

  • You are willing to try something new
  • You are willing to step out of your comfort zone
  • You are ready to do the work and look yourself straight in the eyes


  • Six powerful recordings of live trainings with Eva that open your creative power and ignite your genius fire
  • Alchemical workbooks with codes and exercises that shift your consciousness
  • Lifetime access to the course content



Or choose VIP Experience

  • Includes everything in the main program
  • Plus two 1:1 1-hour alchemical sessions with Eva where you will experience instant shifts in your energy and activate YOUR next version




“Supreme Creator was a catalyst for me to make rapidly matter all the things that I had already ordered before.

The result was immediate, I generated working alone 12.000€ turnover in a month – 12 x my monthly average of past 6 months.

I also created the same amount the following month. It also landed in my body that creating money is only a question of my own choice and energetic state. During the following weeks, I sold my apartment that I had wanted to sell for 6 months.

In addition, my ‘quiet’ personal life turned into an adventure. I got in contact with the guy I had already met 18 years ago and not seen later. Things developed quickly, making me travel to South America .. to be continued.


“A month later, I feel present in my life again. I am still doing the same work but with a completely different energy.

I feel that I can get in touch with my children better and that a gray wall has been removed. I can be in the moment and not think about work, the future, or the past all the time.

Eva is an incredible and wonderful person. I still wonder how such big changes can be made in such a short time!?”



Instead of being free, euphoric and all-mighty in your creation, you lack passion and ideas that make you move. You need to force yourself to keep it going.

Whatever you try, you can’t get your fire back and besides your business also the other areas of your life suffer. Something is not as it should be.

The energetic laws of creation have changed. (This is why the law of attraction doesn’t work anymore. Law of attraction is dead.) In the new era, to be successful without hustling, you need to master the energy on a base level – by tone, frequency and tension, by direction of it’s movement.

This is the minimalist way.

Underneath everything we only stream the codes and turn energy to matter.

Activating your ability to master those laws ignites the sacred fire of your Genius – the source of your true power and unique ideas. Expressing your genius makes you free. Only then, will you feel truly fulfilled.

This program will light up your Genius fire

Meet Your Host

Eva Lepik

Hi, my name is Eva and I am the creator of this program, the founder and CEO of Supreme Empires. This is the playground of my sacred genius.

I am more a mystic than a coach.

I’m walking on the path of self-discovery, to see into the source codes of the Universe. I’m here to find out the truth about our hidden abilities, as spiritual beings on human journey. I was born for this.

I unlock the hidden potential of people who want to build their luxury businesses so they can create unimaginable wealth with pure euphoria and freedom.

I do that by using and bringing them code language and energetic mastery.

Working with me, they will activate the ability to code their own luxury businesses and life.


If you desire to create an impact, to see the deeper truth and master your energy, you are welcome to step into my world of codes and luxury empires.

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