Shift Your Money Consciousness, Clear the Paradigm

How it began

I had stopped between the shelves of coffee and tea in a grocery store, when 2 young women passed by and I heard one saying to the other:

“I have this strange habit.

I have to use all my money before my salary is coming in, each month, so that all my bank accounts are at zero.

I don’t know why I have this habit.”

The next moment a knowing landed in me: “Do the Money Course.”

And here it is.

The course where you will see through your money illusions that are keeping it away from you.

The truth

The truth is that you should feel zero tension around money.

The true cause of any blocks in your relationship with money is not in your current 3D circumstances or in your mindset.

It is vibrational. It’s in your energy.

If you feel any discomfort around money at all – no matter how much money you are currently creating – there is more power and freedom for you to unlock here.

Exactly in this pattern that you have right now.

When you remove the entanglement in your energy, money flows to you effortlessly.

Remove the entanglement and you will get closer to your divine self – the one who is able to create ANYTHING. Not only money, but love, good health and self fulfillment at unimaginable levels.

The truth is, making money should be effortless.

And it is, once you’re pure. Once you are in your true power.

It’s time to take your power back.

Join the Money Course and clear the paradigm.


6-part energetic experience where you will shift your money consciousness and open yourself to the flow.

This is a digital course. You will get access to the recordings of 6 live masterclasses and their transcripts.

This course is practical, not theoretical. Real-life steps are included.