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The Energetic and Strategic Steps I Made
to Create a €635.000 Cash Year
in my Spiritual Business


When you hear about a magical result AND you are WIRED for expansion and growth, then you are probably inspired and elevated by the possibility…. BUT what you actually want to know, is HOW?

And I am going to share with you the exact HOW on my brand new masterclass. Here it is:

Energetic changes that led to a 635.000€ cash year.

I will share with you:

  • The exact energetic and strategic steps that led to 635.000€ cash year (tripling my yearly income)

  • What worked and what didn’t work

  • How I moved through the challenges I faced

  • What that growth activated in my energetic abilities

  • How I did it without burnout or sacrificing my freedom and values (and made myself even MORE free on the way).




Wherever you are in your business, you will get a powerful activation through this masterclass and real energetic steps to use in building your own empire to create a quantum leap year from 2023.

Meet Your Host

Eva Lepik

Hi, my name is Eva and I am the creator and CEO of Supreme Empires.

I’m walking on the path of self-discovery, to see into the source codes of the Universe. I’m here to find out the truth about our hidden abilities, as spiritual beings on human journey. I was born for this.

Working with me, my clients activate their psychic abilities and hidden potential and through energetic mastery build their business, discovering and fulfilling their bigger purpose on the way.

If you desire to create from pure desires, to see the deeper truth and you are drawn to returning to pure state, you are welcome to step into my world of codes, mysticism and luxury empires.

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