Founder, owner, CEO

She is a consciousness coach, a visionary and energy alchemist for impact makers, luminary leaders and luxury empire builders.

She has a magical sight that reveals the blocks and the hidden power of a person with extreme precision. Using body activation and energy alchemy she unlocks the doors to the next level of reality for her clients so their lives transform faster than it’s done anywhere else.


Chief Operating Officer (COO)

She is taking care of our customers to help you navigate in our portal and keeps our systems running magically.


Our clients come to us when they have lost their fire in their current business. Or, they have never even felt true desire and euphoria while creating their business. Established and starting entrepreneurs and CEOs come to us to transform their lives, when they want the shift, the change, the upgrade.

They come to us when they feel that something bigger is calling them and is waiting to be expressed without any dilution of the truth. Often they don’t even know what it is that is calling them.

Here, working with Eva, they open their own genius frequency, their unused potential and hidden abilities.
Their own unknown genius is waiting, deep inside, to be activated and turned into joy, freedom, and a massive flow of cash.

Our clients build their businesses from their genius with supreme integrity while creating quantum leaps in money and clients, and transform their entire lives on the way.

We birth Luxury Empire Builders.

If you're ready to upgrade yourself, make your move here.